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Air conditioning repair

Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Escondido, CA

Living in Escondido, CA in the summer means that you must have a working A/C. If not, you’ll end up at work feeling like you need a shower. Malfunctioning auto air conditioning could also mean that you have other problems (usually electrical) with your vehicle. 

Johns Auto Pros in Escondido, CA provides car A/C repair and services to keep you cool while you are on the road.

Signs You Need Car Air Conditioning Repair in Escondido, CA

When the air conditioning isn’t working, it’s an uncomfortable ride, especially if you have a long commute or sit in traffic for an extended time. You can’t even benefit from the air blowing through open windows when you’re stuck in traffic. 

Signs that the auto air conditioning isn’t properly working include:

  • The air conditioner blows hot air. 
  • The air conditioner will not turn on.
  • The air blowing out is not strong.
  • The air is cold but not as cold as usual.
  • The air conditioning smells.
  • You hear strange sounds when you turn the A/C on.

An experienced mechanic at Johns Auto Pros has the diagnostic equipment and tools to diagnose and repair auto air conditioning and quickly get you back on the road.

Car Air Conditioning Components

Auto Air Conditioning Repair | John's Auto Pros in Escondido, CA. Closeup image of a technician setting plug of air refill kit for car air conditioner.Several components make up the car air conditioning system. If one of them malfunctions, the entire system will not work. 

An experienced auto technician at Johns Auto Pros in Escondido, CA can diagnose the problem, whether a leak, a clogged system, a malfunctioning compressor, or a problem with one of the other components.

The components of an auto A/C system include:

Air Compressor

This component compresses the refrigerant to gas and forces it through the system. The clutch or internal parts in the compressor could fail. The electrical system could also fail, causing the compressor to stay off. Also, an electromagnetic coil could develop an electrical short. 

Our auto techs in Escondido, CA can track down the problem and replace the compressor.

Air Condenser

The condenser looks like a small radiator. It removes heat from the air conditioning system. Outside air running through the condenser, as well as one or more fans, cool the heated refrigerant before it cycles through the system again. The condenser could develop a leak or become clogged.

Air Conditioning Fans

If the fans fail, the condenser cannot cool the refrigerant, and it will blow warm air. Because of the heat in Escondido, CA, it could also cause the vehicle to overheat since the fans also cool the radiator.

Expansion Block or Orifice Tube

Your vehicle has an expansion block or orifice tube depending on the make and model. This component regulates the flow of the refrigerant through the air conditioning system. 

Any time the system is opened to the air, the mechanic must replace this component. The expansion block or orifice tube could also become clogged.

Dryer or Accumulator

This component absorbs moisture from the refrigerant. This component must also be replaced anytime the system is opened to the air. Humidity in Escondido, CA will get into the system and cause excess moisture, affecting the efficiency of the A/C system.


This component absorbs the heat inside the vehicle. Absorbing heat causes the refrigerant to boil and evaporate. 

After the refrigerant passes through the evaporator, it cools through the condenser. If the evaporator leaks, you might notice a musty smell in the vehicle, and the air conditioning might not be as cool as it should be.

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