Inspections & Diagnostics

Thorough Inspections & Diagnostics in Escondido, CA

You can only make excellent car care decisions when you’re able to look at the whole picture. You need to know which parts need replacement now and which ones can wait for service to prioritize the work best. Thankfully, our team at Johns Auto Pros is here to help. With our thorough vehicle inspections and vehicle diagnostics in Escondido, CA, you can easily plan your auto repair services from start to finish.

Every Car Gets Our Comprehensive 40-Point AAA Vehicle Inspections

Every time you come by our shop in Escondido for auto repair, you can count on getting a complimentary 40-point digital vehicle inspection. As our ASE-certified techs look over your vehicle, they jot down notes, take pictures, and even capture video for your review.

We can then text  or email you a link so that you can look over their findings to get the info you need to make intelligent decisions about the upkeep of your car. If you’re unsure where to start, we can even help you prioritize the work to fit your budget and travel plans best.

Our Commitment to Completing Accurate Vehicle Diagnostics in Escondido, CA

Many car troubles start with the same set of symptoms, resulting in vehicle diagnostic services. Through that process, it’s possible to diagnose the cause of the problem accurately rather than simply throw parts at it.

When you come to us for vehicle diagnostic services in Escondido, CA, you can rest assured that we always use a manufacturer proven approach to figure out what’s going on. Our techs move through all the proven diagnostic steps and use the latest equipment to determine which failed parts.

Once they’re finished, they let you know what each test revealed, so you can decide how to best care for your car. In the rare case that they cannot figure it out, they’ll let you know that as well, so you’re not just throwing money at the problem.

We Have All the Right Specialty Tools and Equipment for Every Job

Once you decide to move forward with the recommended auto repairs, your mechanic will complete each service using all the right specialty tools and equipment. Using the correct tool for the job, our techs minimize breakage and ensure that every service withstands the test of time.

With over 40 years in the industry, our techs have amassed quite a collection of tools. Despite that, they’re always adding to their toolboxes to keep up with changes in the industry. So, you can trust that they’re dedicated to getting every job done right the first time around.

Need Vehicle Maintenance in Escondido, CA? Call to Schedule Your Visit

If you’d like to get vehicle inspections and diagnostics, just come to our shop at 1795 E Valley Pkwy, Escondido CA, or call 760-741-2076 to speak with our team. We’re always happy to help you find an excellent time to come by the shop. We will perform a full 40-point digital vehicle inspection during your visit to get you the info you need to make ideal car care decisions. We can also perform any additional diagnostics necessary to figure out what’s going on with your car. So, please feel free to reach out whenever you need auto repair.