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Transmission Services

Top-Notch Transmission Service And Repair in Escondido, CA

Whether you drive an automatic or manual car, your transmission needs regular service to keep shifting smoothly through all the gears – and we’re here to help. Our team at Johns Auto Pros in Escondido, CA understands just what it takes to keep gearboxes working as intended mile after mile. When transmission service and repair can’t do the trick, we can even send your gearbox out for a rebuild or replace it with a different unit.

Keep Shifting Smoothly with Regular Transmission Maintenance

As the fluid in your transmission heats up and flows through all the channels, it slowly loses its ability to clean, cool, and lubricate the internals. When that happens, friction between the moving parts increases, leaving them vulnerable to excessive wear.

To avoid all that, you can simply have your transmission fluid flushed out and replaced every 30k miles or so as part of scheduled maintenance. Exactly how often you should complete this service depends on your vehicle build, driving habits, and many other factors. Our techs will look at the big picture to let you know how often to come in and then complete your transmission maintenance services at your visit.

Our Commitment to Quality Transmission Service and Repair in Escondido, CA

When your car starts shifting hard or fails to go into gear, you can come into our shop for transmission repair. Our ASE-certified techs will perform all the diagnostic tests needed to see what’s going on during your visit. Then, we will share our findings with you, so you can decide how to proceed.

If your car needs work done, your mechanic can complete all your transmission repair services, including the replacement of the:

  • Clutch and flywheel
  • Torque converter
  • Shift linkage
  • Solenoids
  • Sensors

We always back up our work 100% with a full lifetime warranty on parts and labor. As long as the issue doesn’t stem from normal wear and tear, we will promptly remedy the problem and quickly get you back on the road. So, we welcome you to reach out to our team any time you feel like your car could shift much better.

How We Handle the Need for Transmission Rebuild Services

Although we do not handle transmission rebuilds in-house, our team can restore the condition of your transmission/gearbox by either sending it out to our trusted partners or replace it with a remanufactured unit. We’ll remove the transmission from your vehicle and ship it over to the rebuilder or order a remanufactured transmission when you elect to have that service performed.

Once they finish replacing the damaged internal parts, or we receive the remanufactured transmission, our techs will expertly install the rebuilt transmission back into your car. After that, they will fill it with fresh fluid and go out on a test drive to confirm it shifts as expected.

Rebuilt transmissions usually have a 1 year 12,000-mile warranty.

Remanufactured transmissions will usually have between a 3-year, 36000-mile warranty, up to 5-year, 50,000-mile warranty

Need Transmission Service in Escondido? Call to Schedule Your Visit

If you need transmission service & repair in Escondido, CA, simply call 760-741-2076 to get your car on our schedule. Whenever you reach out to our team, we’ll help you find the best time to come in for service. You can then get the repair recommendations you need to make great car care decisions every time. Ready to get started? Please feel free to reach out to us whenever your gearbox needs service or come straight to our shop at 1795 E Valley Pkwy, Escondido CA.