Quick Guide to Fall Car Care in Escondido, CA

Quick Guide to Fall Car Care in California with John's Auto Pros in Escondido CA; image of couple driving in convertible car on desert highway

As the pleasant California weather continues through September and beyond, it’s tempting to ignore that fall has arrived. Unfortunately, you cannot predict when the storms will roll through, making it vitally important to get your fall car care done immediately. If that sounds like a tall order, never fear: Our team at John’s Auto Pros is here to make it as easy as pie. Here’s a look at the services we’ll provide when you come into our shop for auto repair in Escondido, CA.

Headlight Restoration

If your headlights look cloudy, you likely aren’t getting nearly enough light coming through the lens. Then, as the days take a gloomy turn and the rain showers come through, you could end up in hot water as visibility decreases even more. To avoid that scenario, just have your trusted mechanic restore your headlight lenses. In addition to that service, they can replace all the burnt-out bulbs in your car, increasing your safety even more.

Windshield Wiper Replacement

Windshield wipers dry out and get brittle as the hot California sun shines down all summer long. Without any flex left in the rubber, the wipers then struggle to clear water away, leaving you with a mess of a windscreen as the rain starts to fall. But with a simple change of your wiper blades, all that trouble goes away. Your auto tech can further improve your ability to see the road ahead by topping off your windshield washer fluid at that time.

Tire Services

In heavy rainfall, your tires have to quickly evacuate water from the contact patch to maintain a firm grip on the road. However, if your tread is too low, they won’t be able to do that, resulting in your car hydroplaning all over the place. So, be sure to get your tread checked at the start of the season and replace them if they’re out of spec. You should also consider getting a wheel alignment to improve your car’s handling in both wet and dry weather.

Brake Inspection

Wet road surfaces make your braking system work overtime in scrubbing off the speed on demand. If your brakes are worn out, they may not be able to live up to the demands, resulting in a severe collision. Thankfully, your auto tech can verify the condition of your brakes well before dicey situations arise. They will measure the brake rotors and pads to determine if they need replacement and then let you know their repair recommendations.

Ready to Get Fall Car Care in Escondido, CA?

If you’re ready to complete your fall car care and other vehicle maintenance in Escondido, CA, call our team at 760-741-2076 to schedule an appointment. We’ll help you find the best time to come by for auto repair services on your car. You can then get all the most important tasks out of the way so that you can enjoy your autumn adventures to the fullest. Please feel free to reach out to our team anytime to get started.