When to Flush a Transmission in Escondido, CA (and Why It Is Important)

When to Flush a Transmission and Why It Is Important. Transmission flush in Escondido, CA by John’s Auto Pros. Image of a car mechanic draining the old automatic transmission fluid (ATF) under a car.

Many people do not think about servicing the transmission unless an Escondido, CA auto technician mentions it to them. 

The transmission has tons of moving parts that need to stay lubricated. The transmission fluid provides lubrication for the clutches and the hard parts in the transmission. Once the fluid becomes dirty, it loses its effectiveness.

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Flushing vs. Changing the Transmission Fluid

Many people just change the transmission fluid in their vehicles. 

However, that does not get all the fluid out, and the old fluid that remains contaminates the new fluid. Not flushing the transmission during a transmission service could cause problems down the road.

Why doesn’t the transmission fluid drain completely? 

Because a lot of it stays in the valve body, where the gears are located, in the pump and the torque converter. Flushing the system forces all the transmission fluid out of the transmission.

How does the transmission fluid become contaminated if it is a closed system? 

When an automatic transmission shifts, the clutches rub against each other. The friction causes the clutches to drop shavings. 

Additionally, the gears and other hard parts in the transmission’s rear have a very tight tolerance. If the transmission fluid is dirty and not lubricating properly, the hard parts will drop metal shavings into the fluid.

Transmission Maintenance

Every vehicle manufacturer has recommendations on when to flush or change the transmission fluid

In certain circumstances, you should change it more often. If you do a lot of mountainous driving, towing, or driving on gravel roads, you should change the transmission fluid more often than the manufacturer recommends.

How can I tell when the transmission fluid is bad? 

You should change it before it gets bad. However, if the transmission fluid is no longer bright pink and has a sour smell to it, it is past time to change it.

What happens if I do not change the transmission fluid? 

The clutches will start slipping. When you press on the accelerator, it might take a few seconds for the vehicle to move forward, though it generally happens in reverse first since it takes more pressure from the transmission to back up. As more debris builds up in the transmission fluid, its lubricating qualities decrease.

Additionally, contaminated transmission fluid does not keep the inside of the transmission as cool as it should be. This also increases the instances of gaskets hardening and failing.

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Keeping the maintenance up on your vehicle keeps it on the road longer. 

We provide a free 40-point check every time you bring your vehicle in for maintenance and service. With the check, we can head off serious problems that could become more costly if not repaired soon, such as worn brake pads and fluid leaks.

When it’s time to change the transmission fluid, take care of other maintenance issues, or if your vehicle needs repairs, contact John’s Auto Pros in Escondido, CA to schedule an appointment.